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Corporate Print Management

Even in the digital age, printed material is everywhere. For internal or external use, companies print items from documents to marketing materials. The cost of actually printing the document is usually the smallest part of the total print cost. Additional costs include designing, ordering, delivery, storage, obsolescence, and more. Internally generated documents may seem less expensive until the cost of creating the form and the cost of toner and paper are considered. Let Preferred Group help you make these assessments.

We will analyze your print process from design to destruction. Our expertise is in evaluating all of your costs and designing a system which meets your needs and saves you money.

Whether it is online ordering, document storage, digital print capabilities, or any other of our services, we can design a solution which will work for you.

Customer Ordering

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Preferred Group produced through our facility by far the largest page count catalog for one of their clients. Rick worked tirelessly through the night, for many nights, making sure everything was perfect. He has kept this difficult client for many years due to hard work.
- Peter